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How To Apply FlexiNail

FlexiNail Fingernail Conditioner Apply a thin application once or twice daily. (There is a short video on the main page you can watch as well). It can be brushed on very quickly and don’t worry about getting any on the cuticles or skin around the nail. It is important to let it sit on the nail for several minutes or even longer each time. You will NOT see it noticeably absorb or dry on the nail. When you want the excess oil off of your nails simply rub in (very gently) any excess with your fingers or dab off any excess with a tissue.

How Much to Apply: To be effective you should be applying approximately at least a half a bottle per month (of the small plastic vial – if you have the glass bottle then you use about 1/4 of the bottle a month). If you are using more than this you can probably put on a thinner application. If you find you are wiping away a lot of product then apply slightly thinner applications.

NOTE: after a few weeks some or all of your nails should be starting to look better. DO NOT stop using FlexiNail just because it looks like they are getting better. If you stop – they may seem great for even a few weeks more – but then the issues that caused them to dry out in the first place may return.

How often do I apply FlexiNail? Normally once a day. These days with all the extra hand washing and sanitizer use (both really hard on the nails) people are choosing to apply it more than once and this is okay and even encouraged if you have the time.

Do I have to remove FlexiNail before applying it the next day?

FlexiNail will not harden or dry on the nail. Some will penetrate your nail but when you want them completely dry you simply rub in any excess with you thumb or take a tissue and wipe away any that remains. There is no need to TRY to wash off FlexiNail or remove anything. At some point you will obviously wash your hands or shower etc – but don’t purposely wash it off.

Strong Medicines, Health Issues (ie thyroid): Some conditions cause nail growth issues and this means progress can take longer than for normal situations. If you are in this group please be extra patient with your expectations.

It is also common for the nails to seem very brittle after about 4 to 6 weeks for some people. The old damaged and brittle nail is growing out and your nails may even seem worse than they were for a couple of weeks. Keep applying and this period will pass as newer nail growth gets to the end of your fingers (if you experience this it might be a couple of weeks).

Use with Nail Color or Polish: When you start to use FlexiNail you really want to go polish free (for at least the start). FlexiNail won’t penetrate through the nail color properly. After you get your nails in shape then by all means show them off with some color if you like. Just remember that acetone nail polish remover is one of the worst things for your nails.

When you start if your nails are pretty bad, we would suggest you try NOT to use nail polish at all for at least the first couple of weeks or even a couple of months. Without polish, this gives your whole nail a chance to absorb FlexiNail. After you start to get your nails back on track then use polish once in a while but make changes to your nail routine SLOWLY. Things you do to your nails now can show up weeks or even longer down the road. If you put on color and take it off – do not put color back on right away. During this break from color apply FlexiNail a couple of times a day for a few days (you just stripped everything out of your nail with acetone color remover). Many people write and say they love the natural healthy look of their nails and don’t apply much color at all. The trick is to just make changes to your nail routine slowly and see how these changes effect your nails.

FlexiNail Cuticle Conditioning

Your cuticles will love this. The only real usage tip is NOT to apply it right before applying FlexiNail to the nails. You don’t really want to have the nails with cuticle conditioner on them when you apply. So just pick any other time to apply. Again just a thin application is needed (it is very concentrated) and don’t worry about getting any on the nail. Give it at least a minute or two or longer on the cuticles and then simply rub in (gently) any excess with fingers.

FlexiNail Fungus or FlexiNail for Toes

Apply this as you would the FlexiNail for fingernails. Again consistency is the key here. Try to get into a daily routine of applications.

Enjoy your nails and in a few months please write us with your experience and maybe send some pictures we can post on facebook.

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