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Below are just some of the thousands of comments posted on our Facebook page or emailed to us. Not one person was paid or benefitted from sending us a review. These are from real people that now LOVE THEIR NAILS.

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From skeptic to thrilled. Pam describes how she found FlexiNail for dry, brittle, peeling and cracking fingernails:

See below how Linda, Kathy, Bonita and more responded to FlexiNail.

Cheryl and her FlexiNail fingernail conditioner experience:

Abby N.:
I started using Flexinail Oct 2020 after having artificial nails for a long time. I read where it takes time and to cut my nails back so I did.

I used it 2X daily along with the Flexinail cuticle conditioner.

After two months I finally have nice nails, they no longer slit and peel!

I’ve used so many products my entire life and nothing has worked for me. I will continue to use Flexinail!

I also just purchased their soy nail polish remover, can’t wait to try it!

This product WORKS! I highly recommend it.

Abby Before Using FlexiNail   Abby AFTER Using FlexiNail

Becky Smith:
Look at these 72 year old nails! Wish I’d taken a before picture. After years of acrylics… never thought I would have nails like this. Beyond impressed.

Beck AFTER Using FlexiNail

Linda Himmel:
Here are my nail pictures. As you can see, FlexiNail gave me back my nails. I’m a customer for life!

Before and After Using FlexiNail

Scarlett Tucker Golleher:
I’ve never ever been able to grow nails. Mine were paper thin and would split and tear easily. I’ve been using FlexiNail for about 3 months and all 10 of my nails are this long. (I keep having to file them down because they grow so fast.) They are thick and healthy. I love this product.

Scarlett AFTER Using FlexiNail

Christine Ellsworth Lau:
I really doubted that these reviews were real, but late one night I bought FlexiNail anyway. It is amazing! I use it daily and have diligently been trimming my split nails and now they are growing out completely healthy and strong! I’m a believer and highly recommend.

Peter M.:
My wife got me the toe product to see if it could help with my awful fungus problem I’ve had for decades. It took a long time but I finally see the new nail growth coming in!!!!!! Even the part that has the fungus looks so much better than it did but I hope this will all grow out now.

after Using FlexiNail for toe fungus

Benita Knopp Langley:
I am really impressed! It really works! Before and After 3 months.

Before Using FlexiNail

Melanie from Oklahoma:
First of all let me say that your product is wonderful. My nails were cracked and splitting in late September due to years of improper care and periodic acrylic nail use. I ordered your product in the dim hope that I could get my nails to stop splitting. To my utter amazement I now have nails that I do not wish to cover with polish. They are long. strong and attractive. Thanks so much for your help.

I started using FlexiNail for my finger nails a couple of years ago and thought I would try the toe nail product. I couldn’t be happier. It’s the best! Took a few months to see results but it’s worth the persistence!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products.

Betty Farry

Before Using FlexiNail

Tobie Kahn Scheibel:
I am so impressed with results after 5 weeks. Never before was I was never able to get past the first month after deciding to go natural. My nails are coming along very well. Thank you for this awesome product.

Susie Tubekis Davis:
Okay…here’s my update!

My nails haven’t been this strong maybe since I was in my teens! And I’m 60! I’d mentioned I am on a thyroid med and I’d heard it could mess up nails and cause hair loss. Well….i think it’s done a bit a both, but now I can saw WOW to FlexiNail! I just ordered the new larger bottle for my 2nd order. I have also recommended it to my friend whose daughter has been fighting weak nails all her 19 years…. as a younger person, who wouldn’t want pretty nails? Anyway, I am smitten with how this finally took care of my thumb nail issue. That sucker! It had a split in the middle of it that no matter how short I cut it or filed it, it came back. Y’all told me to keep on applying and I did and I swear one day, it was all better! Wild! I have had 2 breaks, but those were my fault…I crash my nails into things a lot. But they really look good. I bought the acetone free remover, because who doesn’t wanna put polish on these pretty thangs? They’re even longer now since I took this photo!

I will recommend to anyone who complains about weak nails. Thank you! I’m so glad I found this on fb.

Before Using FlexiNail

*All testimonials were unsolicited and are copied as sent to us. We do NOT pay or compensate anyone for supplying us with these testimonials. Individual results may vary. PLEASE EMAIL US your testimonial and photos to:

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