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Double Bonus FlexiNail Pack with FREE Manicure Kit

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FlexiNail® is the answer to your dry, cracking, peeling or brittle nails. FlexiNail is a penetrating nail conditioner that stimulates healthy looking nail growth.

Your package will contain two FlexiNail® Penetrating Nail Conditioner 20% bonus bottles and a FREE 8 piece travel manicure set.

FlexiNail Penetrating Nail Conditioner

FlexiNail is NOT a temporary ‘hardener’ product and does NOT involve applying fake nails. FlexiNail contains NO acetone, toluene, alcohol and NO formaldehyde. FlexiNail will dramatically improve your nails and keep them that way.

No matter what shape your nails are in, with some patience and FlexiNail you will have the nails you always wanted.

This NEW glass bottle is twice the size of the plastic vials you may be familiar with. For a limited time you will also be getting 20% bonus product.

Each bottle of FlexiNail penetrating conditioner will last approximately three to four months.

8 Piece Travel Manicure Set

With this order you will also receive this 8 piece manicure set. This travel kit measures less than 4.5 inches x 2.5 inches and fits conveniently in a purse, glove compartment or night stand. The stylish black tool color gives this set a unique appearance you’ll really appreciate! Your kit will be shipped with a random color case as shown in the pictures.

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