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Use With Nail Polish Package


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Your nails are in great shape and you’re maintaining them that way with FlexiNail and now you want to use nail polish. This package includes a bottle of our NON-ACETONE nail polish remover.

This NEW FlexiNail glass bottle is twice the size and for a limited time you will also be getting 20% bonus product (verus the two plastic vials you may be used to). This order of FlexiNail will last you three to four months and price includes FREE shipping and handling!

This package also includes one vial of FlexiNail for Cuticles. Just like our FlexiNail for fingernails, this is very concentrated and a little of this cuticle conditioning complex goes a very long way. Intense and deep moisturizing featuring Squalane, Jojoba and Shea. Cuticle care is a very important part of a nail care routine. A week with this and you will absolutely love it.

This package also includes one bottle of FlexiNail Enriched Soy Nail Polish Remover which does not contain acetone or the harsh acetates which may damage your nails and cuticles and dry out your skin. It is unscented and enriched with vitamins A, C and E. We decided not to use filler ingredients so it is very concentrated and you will use a lot less than you would if you normally soak a pad with acetone. If you compare using this product to acetone, you will notice an IMMEDIATE and incredible difference to the feel of your nails and skin.

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